How To Calculate EMI Of A Personal Loan?

HDFC is one of the top banking service providers in the country and its hdfc emi calculator for personal loan can be much help to customers and loan seeker as it allows them to accurately have an estimation on how much one must repay every month to pay off completely.

However, personal loans EMI depends upon many factors such as the amount of loan, tenure of the loan, rate of interest, and earnings every month.

Personal loan EMI is known as Equated Monthly Instalment. It is the amount of money you pay to the bank as a repayment for your existing loans. However, there are factors involved that determines the amount of EMI that you need to pay to the bank. Such as tenure, the total amount which can basically give an idea of EMI interest rate. For example, if you took a loan of Rs 100000 at an interest rate of 11% then every month you need to pay 11,000 for a month.

The rate of interest can be fixed according to the availability of plans or simply put the offers bank offers.

HDFC emi calculator for personal loan can be very useful in providing the most accurate data on calculating the loans.

Factors Affecting the EMI rate

  • Loan Amount- This factor can be useful in calculating and also the determining factor. It is the total amount of money that you have borrowed from HDFC bank. If the amount of loan is higher than automatically the rate of interest is expected to be higher. You can avail a minimum loan of Rs50000 up to Rs 50 lacs.
  • Interest Rate- It is a known fact that the higher is the loan amount the higher will be the interest rate. However, HDFC personal loans interest can be much lower than the original quoted rates. The lowest interest rate offered by hdfc emi calculator for personal loan is a minimum amount of 10.75 %. You can compare the market to compare the different product to find the best in the business.
  • Loan Tenure- Loan Tenure is the total period of time that you can repay your loan HDFC bank If your loan term is longer then the lower EMI.


These are the important factors that are useful in hdfc emi calculator for personal loan. We believe that this article was helpful in solving your question. PleaseĀ  visit again for a more interesting article like this.